General Information Edit

The Settlement is where the player constructs buildings and responds to Crises. Many buildings will require Wood and/or Stone, so those 2 basic resources will be in high demand.

Tip: Defeat the first 2 dungeons to unlock the Lumber mill (Wood) and the Quarry (Stone).

Plots of land can be developed in the settlement:


Simply click on the open plot to build a structure there.

It's important to take note of the 3 main resources in the upper right HUD (current/max):

Population: How many villagers are in your settlement? Edit
Food: How much food is available for people to eat? Edit
Morale/Happiness: How content are your people? Edit

If any of the above resources reaches ZERO, the game will be over... your villagers & heroes abandon you and your story ends.

As you unlock villager roles, you can put your villagers to task gaining these resources (and more). Simply R-Click for the main menu and click Villagers:


Use the "up" and "down" arrows to adjust villagers. Clicking the "up" arrow on the top "Villager" entry will send all villagers back to the basic task (useful in a panic when your food is low).

All of your other resources can be tracked via the Stockpile (R-Click for main menu > Stockpile):