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Where can I get Sim Hero?[]

Visit the Sim Hero homepage for information.

What is Sim Hero?[]

Sim Hero is a RPG management SIM.

What's a RPG management sim? Well, imagine an old school JRPG and a Sports management sim gave birth to a baby. That baby would be Sim Hero.

The game contains strong RPG elements like:

  • Dozens of classes to choose from for your heroes (including multiclassing!)
  • Hundreds of skills to learn, mix & match
  • Thousands of pieces of individual loot
  • Experience points to level-up, Job Points to train
  • Many, many attributes. Want to see how well your hero resists the SLEEP state? Yup, that's there and more. So much more.

And strong "building"/empire management elements like:

  • Grow your settlement from meager tents to soaring battlements
  • Make critical decisions on the path of your settlement (do we build an elemental altar or barrows? A shining garden or dragon pit? Many options...)
  • Craft weapons, armor, trinkets & trade goods from the materials your villagers mine/harvest/assemble.
  • Trade with your neighbors for goods & heroes.

And story elements like:

  • Randomized events (no two games play the same)

And Roguelike elements:

  • When a hero dies, they are dead. Permadeath.
  • No "easy mode". The game will challenge you!

And some stuff rarely seen in these games:

  • Since this is a SIM, the player doesn't actually control combat. Instead, combat reports/summaries are made available after a party returns from their adventures.
  • Heroes can develop permanent wounds
  • Heroes can be trained to gain permanent abilities outside the normal leveling scheme, but you don't know how they will develop!
  • Rename heroes... because, well, that's important.

Is there a story?[]

Well, sorta. The gameplay was the #1 priority.

For now, the player controls an exiled royal heir with only a few pieces of cloth and sticks to make some tents. From there, it's the player's goal to build a thriving settlement by recruiting heroes, adventuring & setting villagers to tasks.

Latest activity[]

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