General Information Edit

Heroes form the backbone of your settlement. They can adventure in dungeons, lead your troops and champion your causes.

In the very beginning of the game, you are given enough heroes to get started. After the Wayrest is built, simply click on the ruined tower to adventure with your starting heroes.

After that, there are several ways to gain new heroes:

  • Using Fame at the Wayrest (this is the most common & reliable way to gain new heroes)
  • During Trade (a hero may be accompanying the traders, available for hire)
  • Special Settlement Buildings (ie: Undead heroes can be recruited if you choose to build a Barrows)

You can manage/view each individual hero from the main menu (R-click or ESC):

Hero menu options

Hero Skills: A listing of the hero's current skills and where new skills can be learned

Hero Equip: Change the hero's equipment

Hero Class: Review/Change the hero's main & sub classes

Hero Status: Review detailed information about the hero & rename the hero