Getting Started Edit

First, check out the official Getting Started Guide

The MOUSE is the recommended input method. Left click on a building/square to move the cursor there/interact. Right-Click to call the main game menu.

The game autosaves all the time.

Two Main Game Elements Edit

Sim Hero gameplay can be divided into 2 major elements: Adventuring & The Settlement.


As you gain HEROES into your fold, you may form them into parties to adventure into dungeons and other places. Part of the strategy of the game is in how the player builds their parties.

Once a party is built, it can be sent off to adventure. Care should be taken not to adventure with a heavily wounded party! Also, the level of the dungeon roughly translates to the average level of the adventuring party. So, for a level 5 dungeon, you want to make sure your party avg level is about 5. Starting at level 3 dungeons, you want at least 4 members in each party. As of patch0.50 you are able to have up to 3 parties adventuring at a time, second and third parties will become unlocked as you progress through the game.

The adventuring party will face 10 floors of enemies at the dungeon, with the 10th floor containing the boss. As they clear floors, they will decide to either continue moving forward or flee the dungeon. Obviously, the longer they stay, the better the rewards (but higher the risk). Contributing factors to leaving a dungeon:

  • Party deaths
  • Low party HP
  • Low party MP
  • Slight random chance modifies base decision

Loot is handed out based upon several factors:

  • How deep the party ventured in the dungeon (more loot the deeper they went)
  • The average party level compared to the dungeon level (if the party is over-leveled for the dungeon, they will gain less loot)
  • Slight randomness adjustment

After returning from an adventure, the party will be wounded. Give them some time to heal (they will automatically heal as time passes) before sending them out again.

Head over to the Heroes section to learn more about them.


Resources will be gained & lost automatically as the game goes along, according to how the player configures their villagers and how their settlement is built.

Head over to The Settlement section for more details.

Events will also plague the settlement (for better or worse) from time to time. Though these events are random, they can be influenced by your decisions.

Your goal is to keep your villagers well-fed, safe & happy all while growing your settlement.